How Does It Work?

Locriti's smart anklet monitors your baby's vital signs and activity, then uses advanced AI to recognize, and keep track of when nursing, changing, bathing, and playing take place. This enables Locriti to operate in either Prediction mode, or the more advanced Intervention mode. Change between the two at your discretion, it is as easy as flipping a switch.

Prediction Mode

Use Locriti in "prediction mode" to know what your child needs, and when. Here is how it works:

  1. Wear the anklet on, and care for your newborn as you otherwise would.
  2. Locriti analyzes your interactions to recover subtle routines and predict the timing, and nature of future interactions.
  3. If you ever feel uncertain of what to do next, just glance over the personalized to-do list Locriti assembled for you on your mobile.

Intervention Mode

For some babies, falling asleep does not come easy. Luckily, most sleeping difficulties can be overcome by changing some aspects of your child's daily routine.
When in Intervention mode, Locriti will identify the changes most appropriate for you, and help you apply them. Here is how works:

  1. Locriti monitors how following your list affects vital signs, and activity variability (e.g., is playtime overstimulating?).
  2. Based on validated, peer-reviewed, medical research, Locriti carefully considers possible changes (e.g., change play time) to see which fits best into your existing routine.
  3. When a match is found, Locriti will guide you through the change by gradually rescheduling items on your list, adapting in real-time to the way your child handles these changes.

Note that Locriti will only intervene "where it counts"; we engineered Locriti to attempt individual, incremental changes first, as these are easiest to apply.